Sølballegaard is not just a lovely setting.
It is a farmhouse with history and character, and a place that is managed with strong values.


In a time when, for many of us, life has become increasingly more hectic, there is a need for some breathing space, where the body and mind can find peace – but also room for new inspiration. Our hope is that Sølballegaard can be precisely this kind of place.


In our experience, living amongst nature opens the senses and gives more opportunities for intimacy and tranquillity – if you are able to give it some space and spend the time. We, therefore, don’t manage Sølballegaard like a traditional conference centre, with standard solutions and guests every week, all year round. We ensure that we have plenty of time, so that our guests experience that we are present and truly interested when they visit us.


We believe that quality is noticeable. We believe that staying somewhere that is inviting, and where all your senses are pampered makes a difference.

During the renovation process, we worked hard to ensure that nature, architecture and aesthetics worked together in synergy. 

The views of Mols Bjerge National Park, with its raw and spectacular nature, plays the starring role in most of the farmhouse’s rooms, and the interior design complements this, with simple lines, calmness and high-quality materials and furniture.


At Sølballegaard, we have thought deeply about what it is that makes a difference, when you are on an annual company trip, or attending a critical management seminar or a group inspiration seminar. We use our professional knowledge about organisational and management development, facilitation skills and solid experience of Mols to design processes and experiences to match each group which visits Sølballegaard.